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Fan Quotes

"Your lyrics make other lyricists seem lazy." - Sarah Trachtenberg

"Your wordplay is still stunning and makes me smile through the pain of current events." -- Laura B

"I teach English in France to French undergraduates. I just wanted to let you know that I'm using two of your songs ('Thoughts and Prayers' and 'Bone Spurs') in my oral comprehension class. They're great for adding to the discussion of current events (unfortunately) and new vocabulary! Thank you!!" -- Susan Dixie

"Roy Zimmerman: A thought provoking satirist, a teacher of alternative facts, an inspiration for those who think and a damn fine entertainer." -- Sleepy John Sandidge, KPIG

"Whenever I get to thinking that one man with a guitar can't possibly make a difference, I come back to the funny, tough, insightful, in-your-face inspirations of ROY ZIMMERMAN!" -- John Davidson

"Roy Zimmerman is the Tom Lehrer of the 21st century AND the singing Stephen Colbert." -- Kevin Vance, KALW and KPFA Radio

"Hey Roy, I am a fellow musician, a keyboardist in the hard rock band Operation Mindcrime (formerly Queensryche), and I have been watching your videos for a long time now and ABSOLUTELY love what you do. The reason I am writing to you is, in this era of catastrophe. I needed a little bit of humour to get me through, and I went back a while and listened to your 'I Approve This Message.' And while I was listening, tears started to cascade out of my eyes. I guess I really needed some hope, and this song gave it back to me. Thanks!" -- Randall Gane

"A national treasure, and a rational pleasure." -- Dan Barker

"I, of course, knew of Roy's brilliance, so it was an absolute treat for me to introduce him to a new audience filled with John Oliver fans. It seems as though many of the younger audiences today tend to be dismissive of a support act and chafe at the very thought, but Roy instantly won them over and held them for his full set, receiving a well-deserved standing ovation at the end of it (a definite rarity for any opener)." -- Seth Keyes

Faulty Intelligence needlepoint by Laurie Waldman
Click to view full size.
Faulty Intelligence needlepoint by Laurie Waldman

"The signature satirist of our times - Roy Zimmerman. He's the whole package - a very accomplished singer, guitar player, writer and humorist. If he doesn't have you laughing helplessly at his brilliant songs... go to an ER immediately... something must be terribly wrong with you." -- Anne Feeney

"Ah...Roy Zimmerman...where ridicule of the preposterous transcends mere comedy...and attains some kind of Zen perfection." -- LordSlag

"Imagine my delight when I stepped into the breakroom at the Gettysburg PA Walmart and heard my coworkers listening to your songs. Roy- you da man!!!!" -- Facebook Friend Melissa

"Weird Al meets Pete Seeger in Tom Lehrer's living room." -- anonymous

"No one does this as well as Roy. No one." -- Phil Azelton, singer/arranger.

"I just wanted to thank you again for an amazing show. Luckily we purchased all of your CD's and listened to them on the way home." -- Pam, Darin, Nate and Carmen


"I Ain't Afraid" with Holly Near
"The Summer of Loving" with John McCutcheon, Laura Love and Sandy O of emma's revolution
"Dick Cheney" with the Soggy Po' Boys
"Socialist" with Rick Overton
"California Couldn't Pay Our Education" with The Zimmermen
"The Norwedish Hate Anthem" with Joe Zimmerman
"The Wedding of Church and State" with Sandy and Richard Riccardi
"I've Got a Really Big Button" with Sandy and Richard Riccardi
"El Paso" with Melanie Harby
"Miss the Mississippi and You" with Melanie Harby
"The Beer Party Anthem" with the On Tapp Family Singers


"To Be a Liberal" covered by John Davidson
"Bleephole" covered by Suzy Williams
"Defenders of Marriage" covered by Joan Manners and Brett Bayne
"Defenders of Marriage" covered by Anne Feeney
"Defenders of Marriage" covered by Charlie King and Karen Brandow
"Defenders of Marriage" video by the students of Simon Rock's Queer Student Alliance
"Someday/We Shall Overcome" covered by Molly Bauckham, The Queen of Roy Z Covers
"I Approve This Message" covered by Molly Bauckham
The full Molly Bauckham Roy Z Covers playlist
"Hope, Struggle and Change" covered by the UUCA Phoenix Choir
"Hope, Struggle and Change" covered by the UU Church of Kent Choir


"Worst Ancestors Ever"


Weird Al - Part 1
Weird Al - Part 2
Weird Al - Part 3
Weird Al - Part 4
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